The modern age of exponential change means the increasingly powerful and ubiquitous availability of networks, artificial intelligence, all the digital technology platforms and devices that can become on-demand mentors, coaches, teachers, classrooms—anytime, anywhere.

Like the engine and machine technologies that transformed the transportation sector from horse and buggy to automobile and airplane at the turn of last century, our advances in cognitive sciences, exponential technologies and globalizing markets will enable the re-invention of the education sector for the modern age. We are seeing an army of entrepreneurs coming into the sector, who will become the equivalent of Henry Ford, Daimler & Benz and the Wright brothers – people who saw outlandish applications for new ideas and technology for realizing human potential.


Don Burton is a recognized leader in the education technology arena with over 20 year of experience. Don's past experience with McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Allen & Company, Disney Education, Kaplan, and as a serial entrepreneur has allowed him to create and foster successful education companies for both large companies as well as for his own company, Learning Edge Ventures.  Don is a graduate of Harvard Business School.